Mauro Guerrero



JSX is a a hop-on jet service which operates point-to-point flights between and within Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, and Texas. The company hired me as their lead product designer for their mobile app. The company's stakeholders wanted to completely redesign their app with the goal of creating a mobile experience similar to Uber and targeting users that are solo travelers or business travelers with recurring trips.

The main goals were to translate and enhance the look and feel while maintaining and improving on the design system established on the website.

Design Process:

Initially, I familiarized myself with the company's brand, products, business goals, and digital platforms. Following that, I went into the exploration phase, conducting competitive analyses of other airlines and travel companies while gathering design concepts from a variety of sources like apps/websites in industries not related to travel, maps, manuals, etc. Armed with these resources, I transitioned to the ideation phase, creating and refining my ideas using low fidelity wireframes.

Once I was satisfied with the ideas and designs, I presented them to the stakeholders and received their feedback. By taking note of their feedback and suggestions, I gained a deeper understanding of their vision and also helped them recognize any blind spots. We iterated through this process multiple times until we reached a common agreement. After that, I conducted tests and gathered user feedback, which provided more insights to refine the designs further.

After completing several rounds of exploration, ideation, and testing, I handed my designs over to the development team and concluded my contract.





The JSX app has yet to receive an update, but positive feedback was received from user testing on several key features that I designed, including:

  • Clear and intuitive onboarding process
  • Well-received interactive map for easy flight search
  • Praise for speed and accuracy of flight search function
  • Easy navigation and seat selection process
  • Simple and straightforward payment and confirmation
  • Appreciation for option to add car rentals and hotels
  • Highly valued support feature for responsiveness and helpfulness



Overall, the results indicate that the mobile app is well-designed and user-friendly, meeting the needs of users looking to purchase plane tickets in a fast, efficient, and convenient manner.