Mauro Guerrero

Intel Support Mobile App


The Intel® Support App is designed to make it easy for users to browse, search, and compare product specifications, even when they are offline. With the app, users can create and track support tickets, and communicate directly with Intel through various support channels. Whether you need to find specific product information or seek technical assistance, the Intel® Support App offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for all of a users support needs.

As a design lead in the support product team, I contributed to various aspects and functionalities of the mobile app. Specifically, I played a key role in designing and refining the following features:

  • Downtime Message UX and UI
  • Pull to Refresh UI
  • Case notifications UX and UI
  • Updates Indicator UX and UI
  • 2D Matrix Scanner UX and UI

I made sure that each of these features was intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing. Through careful attention to detail and collaboration with the development team and from the feedback provided by users.


Design Process:

My process began by conducting user research to understand the needs and preferences of the target audience and gathering data and feedback gathered from users. After collecting enough information, I started working on low-fidelity wireframes to explore different design options, followed by feedback from stakeholders to refine the design. Once the wireframes were finalized, high-fidelity mockups were created to finalize the visual design of each feature. Finally, usability testing was conducted to validate the effectiveness and ease of use of each feature. By following this iterative and collaborative process, the design team ensured that each feature was designed with the users' needs in mind, visually appealing, and tested for usability.


After implementing improvements in UX and UI, the results were evident within a few weeks, with higher user engagement and increased conversions. Users and stakeholders provided positive feedback, indicating the success of the projects. The projects exceeded expectations by achieving higher user satisfaction ratings than anticipated and seeing a larger increase in conversions than projected.